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Fast and easy! Get The Recipe

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Another brunch time favourite! Get The Recipe

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Use in Michelada, or sip on with your favourite tequila, as a mix or on a side! Get The Recipe

Black Bean Dip
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Going, going, gone! on the Game Day! Get The Recipe

HotStuff Thanksgiving Menu 2016
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This year we are having Maple Bacon Wrapped Turkey with Roasted Vegetables with Cherry Gravy, freshly baked White Bread and other delicious sides and a moist desert! Get The Menu and Recipes

Brussel Sprouts with Bacon
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A perfect side for that Thanksgiving Turkey! Get The Recipe

Chile de Arbol Hot Sauce
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Looks soft and sweet, but has a solid and flavorful punch to it! Get The Recipe

Dry Chile de Arbol
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Dry your own chiles for your own hot sauce! Get The Recipe

Remoulade Red
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Perfect for a lunch or a light dinner! Get The Recipe

Oatmeal Cookies
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One, two, three, four… where did they all go? Get The Recipe