Chocolate Truffles
Pink Horizon • October 15, 2017 • No Comments

Melt in your mouth! Roll in nuts, chocolate sprinkles or shavings and you have a great treat to impress! Get The Recipe

Palak Paneer
Pink Horizon • October 03, 2017 • No Comments

Fast and easy. Serve with roti, rice, naan, paratha or kulcha. Get The Recipe

Patatas Bravas
Pink Horizon • September 26, 2017 • No Comments

Serve as a tapa topped with Salsa Brava and spicy aioli on a side. Try Salsa Brava on mussels, or serve with your omelette. Get The Recipe

Russian Vinaigrette
Pink Horizon • September 20, 2017 • No Comments

Served chilled is a great side to any cold cuts plate! Get The Recipe

Pumpkin Spice Latte
Pink Horizon • September 13, 2017 • No Comments

A great Pick-Me-Up this time at this time of the year! Get The Recipe

Fortune Cookies
Pink Horizon • September 12, 2017 • No Comments

Fun and easy to make, and even more fun to eat! Get The Recipe

Spinach and Feta Pizza
Pink Horizon • September 11, 2017 • No Comments

Has just enough zing to it! Get The Recipe

Sriracha Chicken Wings
Pink Horizon • September 09, 2017 • No Comments

Perfect snack with your favorite beer! Get The Recipe

Radish and Dill Salad
Pink Horizon • September 08, 2017 • No Comments

Tastes like spring! Get The Recipe

Maple Walnut Salad Dressing
Pink Horizon • September 07, 2017 • No Comments

Use on leafy greens or fresh spinach. Get The Recipe