Beer Cheddar Sauce
Pink Horizon • November 01, 2017 • No Comments

Great with tortilla chips or dip your Pretzels and Nachos!
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Cajun Remoulade
Pink Horizon • November 01, 2017 • No Comments

Dip your Pretzels!
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Tomato Pizza Sauce
Pink Horizon • July 20, 2017 • No Comments

This one has got some zing! Get The Recipe

Tartar Sauce
Pink Horizon • February 28, 2017 • No Comments

Zesty Sauce! Get The Recipe

Salted Caramel Sauce
Pink Horizon • December 16, 2016 • No Comments

Sweet and Salty! Get The Recipe

Chile de Arbol Hot Sauce
Pink Horizon • November 22, 2016 • No Comments

Looks soft and sweet, but has a solid and flavorful punch to it! Get The Recipe

Remoulade Red
Pink Horizon • November 20, 2016 • No Comments

Perfect for a lunch or a light dinner! Get The Recipe

White Pizza Sauce
Pink Horizon • October 06, 2016 • No Comments

Easy, fast and tasty. Use on Mushroom Pizza! Get The Recipe

Sherry Cream Sauce
Pink Horizon • September 21, 2016 • No Comments

Try this in a bisque. Get The Recipe

Green Chili Peppers Sauce
Pink Horizon • August 09, 2016 • No Comments

Goes well with most of the deep fried Tex-Mex dishes Get The Recipe