Crust “Wash”: Finishing the Dough

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Heavy Cream:
Brush on just before baking.
Sprinkle on sugar to enhance browning, if desired.
Produces: matte, some crackling, light golden surface.

Brush on just before baking.
To add sweetness, dissolve some raw sugar or honey in warmed up milk.
Produces: matte, golden crust.

1 Egg + Pinch of Salt:
Brush on just before baking.
Beat egg with salt, let sit for few minutes, mix and brush.
Can be used to make seeds and other toppings to stay in place.
Produces: shiny, golden brown surface.

1 Egg Yolk:
Beat and brush just before baking.
Produces: shiny, more yellow surface.

1 Egg White:
When making a base for a pie or cake, after baking brush with egg white.
and put it back in the oven for a minute to protect base from liquid filling.

Olive Oil:
Brush on immediately before and after baking.
Produces: faint shine, golden brown surface.

Brush rolls with melted butter before baking.
Produces: shiny, rich, soft surface.

Only after baking, or a warm bread.
Let sit out for few hours to soak in.
Produces: soft, sweet, sticky surface.

Sweetened Condensed Milk:
Brush on just before baking.
Use on pies and pastries.
Produces: shiny, golden brown surface.

Adding water will produce smooth sheen and extra-crisp crust.

To get a crustier loaf, bake it at a higher temperature.
To get a softer crust, bake it at a lower temperature.

Match made in Heaven:

Try this magic on a Zopf Bread‎, traditionally brushed with egg.

This one does the dough brushing job and makes it fun, especially in front of your guests, since you brush 30 min before dinner :

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