Shuck an Oyster

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as many as you need oysters
dish towel or a mitt
oyster knife


Scrub the oysters from the mud and sand.
With a towel or a mitt, hold the oyster flat side (the lid) up, with your hand, on a steady surface.
Insert the oyster knife into the hinge of the narrow end.
Without moving the knife further in, turn the knife as you would turn the door knob, wiggling with a little bit of pressure, until the lid pops open.
Wipe the knife and use it to cut the shells open, running the knife along the lid, without contacting the oyster, cutting the adductor muscle.
Release the oyster, by carefully running the knife under it, along the bottom shell (the cup), cutting the other adductor muscle.
Remove the mud along the side of the cup with a towel.
Place the oyster in its cup on top of ice.

Match made in Heaven:

Mignonette Sauce‎, Seafood Cocktail Sauce‎ and sparkling rose wine or a stout.

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