Clarified Butter

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1 lb good quality unsalted butter, cubed
cheese cloth


In a heavy bottomed saucepan, over medium heat melt unsalted butter.
Do not stir while melting.
Heat until it starts to boil, the surface becomes white and foamy.
Keep simmering gently on medium low until the foam falls to the bottom of the pan.
After about 25 minutes or so, those milk solids at the bottom of the pan will be lightly caramelized.
Do not burn them.
The water is evaporated with the bubbles calm down.
Pour the butter though a strainer, lined with cheesecloth to catch the browned bits.
The butter keeps for a few weeks at room temperature, and a few months in the fridge.

Another way of making clarified butter is in the oven at 275F.
After about 4-5 hours, the milk solids will brown at the bottom of the pan.

Match made in Heaven:

Use to fry Breaded Pork Chops, fish, eggs.
Cook pancakes and French Toast.
Use to brush naan or roti, or on poached eggs.
Use in Banana Bread or cup cakes.
Can add spices for flavour.
Caramelized milk solids are good on grilled bread and Grilled Vegetables.

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