Cheese Stuffed Burger with a Grizzly Paw Kick

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600 g ground beef
3 strips Oven Crisp Bacon
1/2 C Cheddar Jack Cheese, coarsely grated
3 T Grizzly Paw Honey Wheat Hot Sauce
3 oz Honey Mustard
3 brioche buns, toasted very lightly
pickles of your choice for garnish
salt and pepper, freshly ground


Crumble up the bacon. Mix with the cheese.
Make 3 ground beef balls. Poke a hole in a middle, insert 1/3 of cheese mix in each.
Seal the edges and make it into a patty with the cheese mix in a middle.
But don’t press on it. Not now, and not on a grill, it will release the juices you don’t want to escape.
Brush all over with the Grizzly Paw Honey Wheat Hot Sauce, and over!
Then grill to your liking.

Match made in Heaven:

Try it with Grizzly Paw Grumpy Bear Wheat Beer.

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